Neem wooden comb for hair growth and healthier scalp (pack of 1 pc)

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Neem wooden comb for hair growth and healthier scalp (pack of 1 pc)

Long Description

  • Herbal  Wooden Hair Comb for Men & Women is handcrafted from Neem Wood. Neem is a wonder plant, recognized for its medicinal properties. Neem Comb for Men is one of the latest Eco friendly Products by us.
  • Anti-Dandruff Wooden Comb for Men, Women and Kids. Comb Hair with this amazing comb daily and you will see the difference. Hygienic and easy to clean. For all family members. Suitable for all hair types. Well balanced and fine tooth quality.
  • Assured Quality and Genuine Desi Neem Hair Combs for Women & Men handcrafted by us help remove lice, Wood comb are naturally anti-bacterial.
  • Neem Wood Combs for Men & Women help you get rid of Static charge, and stabilize body charge. Reduces hairfall, removes dandruff and itchy scalp problems.
  • Combing with wooden comb nourishes hair and improves blood circulation in the head. Does not damage your hair like plastic combs. Material: Neem wood, Colour: Light Brown; Package contents: 1 hair comb

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5 rating


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5 Thanks, Really i received the pure wooden Neem comb in 1 rupees

Sonam kapoor

5 Awesome comb , best quality comb "I love the way it feels on my scalp. The quality of these wooden combs are excellent and there is usually no static. I will certainly recommend your neem wood comb. Go for it !" I got this comb in only 1 rupees only, they taken the shipping charge.

Sonam kapoor

5 Very cheaper price. Only 1rupees., I was surprised to purchase this in this price. But i received this comb in my home town Banglore. Very nice comb..


5 is very genuine company, they shipped the Neem comb to my home in Mumbai only in 1₹ and they only charged shipping amount.. comb is very nice. I received pure Neem comb.


5 Amazing product

Shoeb Ilyasi

5 Quality of this product is just awesome. Eco-friendly as well. I order in just 1rs so i give 10star.

Shambhoo kumar

5 It is a very nice product.

Shambhoo kumar

5 Really awesome, very helpful for every type of hair.


5 Very nice comb with good packing ..

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